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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (t&c) are a contract between myself Geoff Hall (your instructor) and you the pupil.

As your instructor I will:
a) Arrive at lessons promptly before or at the start time
b) Conduct the lesson within the DSA code of conduct for driving instructors.
c) Inform you as soon as possible of any lesson cancellation due to personal, mechanical or severe weather related reasons.
d) Provide instruction at a pace suitable to your ability.
e) Withdraw the car for test if I believe you are not up to test standard.

As your instructor I will not:
a) Allow smoking in the car.
b) Allow a lesson to begin or continue if I believe you are incapable of taking part in the lesson through illness or due to drug or alcohol intake. This is in the interest of public safety.
c) Allow the interference of relatives or friends in the lesson content or structure.
d) Accept IOUs in lieu of payment.

As a pupil I expect you to:
a) Be ready for lessons promptly - waiting time is 5 mins per lesson, beyond this time the lesson will be cancelled at full cost to yourself.
b) Inform me within 24 hrs of the start of a lesson if you are unable to attend (extreme circumstances are exempt) Failure to do so may result in full payment for that lesson.
c) Inform me as soon as possible (within 24hours) if you need a change
d) Conduct yourself in a reasonable and polite manner.
e) Ask permission for friends or family to be present during a lesson.
f) Put effort into your training. This is a two way contract,
g) Inform me of any changes in personal details or arrangements with lessons. for example if the DSA or an Examiner has to cancel a test at short notice. In this instance neither the instructor nor the pupil is at fault.

Also, remember that during your lessons I am legally responsible for you, the car and your actions or inactions.
However, on your test you are legally responsible;
Please also remember that this is my livelihood and not a hobby.
Geoff Hall.
(Call or text 07557 046813.)